Sunday, 7 July 2013

Croatia: My New Favorite Place

Hi everyone! I'm like a dodgy magician at the moment, one minute I'm here and the next minute I'm gone. I'm back though *clouds of smoke, doves and other magical shiz* and this post is a full of a few snaps from my holiday the other week.

I went away with four friends to Dubrovnik, Croatia and it was a-maze. Honestly, if you get the chance to go then you really should. It's absolutely gorgeous, full of lovely people, great cocktails and some yummy food...

 The gorgeous 'Old City'

 Half way up our daily 200ish steps (ouch)
 My new name
 The girls!
 One of the many many night out photos
 Classic knee shot
 Lokrum Island
 View from the top of the city walls
 Where's the camera?
 So gorgeous!
 By the Onophrian Fountain in the Old City
 View from Cafe Buza 
 The harbor

So, you want the low down huh? here we go...

Where to stay:
- We stayed in an apartment just up from the Old City as we wanted a pool to ourselves for the week. If there are a lot of you heading to Croatia then a villa can be a more affordable option. Otherwise there are some great hotels, including a large Hilton that is in a really good location (not as many steps as ours!). 

What to do:
- You have to scale the Old City walls for a breathtaking view of Dubrovnik from every single angle possible
- Eat ice cream, a lot. Not sure if it's because it's so close to Italy, but the ice cream was amazing. Each cone costs about 80p too, so you can try a lot of flavors for pretty much nothing.
- Visit Cafe Buza, a super cool bar which claims to have 'the most beautiful view', not wrong! If you're feeling brave you can also jump off the cliff with fellow brave people (not me!). 
- Drink cocktails! There are loads of places to grab a cocktail no matter what your budget is.
- Soak up the sunshine. It was 35C+ whilst we were there, so make sure you have a high SPF and lots of water, especially when you scale those walls. 

Where to go:
- Lockrum Island: This pretty little island is just a 12min ferry trip from the Dubrovnik Harbour and is basically where people go to dip in the sea. I have to say that the sea is beautiful in Croatia, you feel like you are in paradise. There's a botanical garden (no joke like 5 flowers), lots of restaurants and some bars too. 
- Cafe Buza: Most beautiful view in Dubrovnik, enough said. 
- Art Cafe: Cool, indie, arty bar that makes some amazing cocktails for hardly any money.
- Sky Bar: Top40 playlist? Check. Cocktails in a bucket? Check. Incredibly good looking people from Australia, South Africa and other 'sexy places'? Check. Great atmosphere? Check. More dancing than you can shake a stick at? Check. Croatia certainly isn't your 'let's get wasted' Malia style place, but people do like a good time and the Sky Bar is a good stop on a night out. 
- Glam Cafe: Stop by for a shake, smoothie or juice. Especially good for a hangover!
- City Walls: Get your arse up all those steps and make your way around the city walls
- Club Revelin: This is the biggest and apparently best club in Croatia and where everyone goes on a night out. It's in an old fortress, which is pretty cool and we had some very fun nights in there. Keep an eye out for posters around the Old City to see if anyone is playing, we saw Sebastian Ingrosso and that was one of the best nights out during our holiday. As a warning, skip the evening where it is 'Dream Girls' this is basically where the half naked dancers that are usually in cages 'perform' some kind of strange porno/burlesque thing. 
- Marco Polo: There are loads of amazing places to eat (deffo have a pizza at least once!) and Marco Polo is a great restaurant tucked up down one of the alley ways in the Old City
- Buy some souvenirs: There are loads to buy and some really cute homemade things. My friend got her baby niece this adorable wooden toy and some candles from Candle City (think that's right), which is mental.

There's loads more to do and if i haven't tempted you, it's pretty cheap and just b-e-a-utiful (I mentioned that a little). I had a good time anyways...

Link me up if you've been anywhere recently! I am already looking for my next adventure "The World is a book, and those who do not travel only read a page" Saint Augustine (any excuse!). 


  1. Emmy! I loved Croatia too! I went this time last year. Omg, you have to go to Hvar next time, it is soooo beautiful and lots of places to have fun! Nice to hear you had such a fun girls time away! xx

    1. Hey! Im back! Been a useless blogger. Ahh i know when we were there we wished we had gone to so many more islands. Deffo going back! Xo

  2. Looks so fun! Very envious


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  3. This makes me want to go back to Croatia so bad. Most beautiful country I've visited.

  4. such beautiful photos!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // bloglovin

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  5. Looks so lovely!! I went to Hvar last Summer and it was incredible.
    Would love you to have a cheeky peek at my new blog...


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