Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Summer Jewels

 H&M Silver necklace, Accessorize necklace, Black Onyx necklace from Brick Lane in London

All Accessorize, accept the spiky one which is Miss Selfridge

I've been getting into accessories a bit lately and thought I'd share some of my go-to pieces right now. I've found Accessorize, Topshop & H&M to be really good for jewelry. Also, if any of you can help, I'm in major need of a necklace wrap/travel storage thing for jewelry so comment below if you know of any.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Is there anyone out there?

I'm back! Life just got a bit busy ya know? Here's what I have been up to and some things I have planned for my little spot on the big ole internet.

- My laptop got stolen. Someone broke into my flat and robbed my beautiful Macbook Air i'd saved for and some birthday money. Not cool.

Food Festival - Egg shaped toilet pods at Sketch London - Menu & cuppa - View in US on the way from San Francisco to LA - Hard Rock in Tenerife - With the Pixar lamp & Ball - Duck & Waffle

- I went to San Francisco & LA with work. Cool levels balanced back out. I got to visit Pixar, Lucas Film/ILM (made Star Wars, E.T, Men in Black, the list goes on) and Atomic Fiction who made Looper and work on Transformers. I also ate a lot of bacon. Winning.

- I moved flats. I now have a much nicer and much bigger flat with the 'rents (cheap rent, thanks rents) in London.

Hair done - Pimms - Pixar - View of London at Duck & Waffle - Villa in Tenerife

- Been busy doing fun London stuff. I went to some food festivals, drank Pimms and cocktails with my friends, ate at Duck & Waffle, ate at Sketch Afternoon Tea (highly recommend) and all the usual shopping, eating, got my hair done (although going blonder again soon) and other relaxing type things.

Obsessed with lace bras (Urban Outfitters) - Trying some Bobbi Brown bits - Ah-mazing candle from TKmaxx, pure heaven - Skincare moved into my new flat - Topshop Bikini - Holiday pose ASOS top - Holiday pose 2, Topshop shorts, Zara Top.

- Finally, I just got back from a week in Tenerife with all my friends which was too much fun.

Due to all my gallivanting I have loads of clothes, skin care, make up, home ware (so many candles and cushions) and such, so lots of blog posts will follow if anyone is still out there?

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Life Lately...

Liberty - Brunch at Balthazar - Lunch at Bob Bob Ricard

Quote along Clueless at Prince Charles Cinema - London Marathon - Cocktails at Wahaca - Shopping in topshop (wearing Zara)

Since moving to London, I've been trying to make the most of all the cool places available on my doorstep and so far I have been having a wonderful time falling in love with this city. Some highlights you ask? 

  • Liberty. I love this store. I walk past it every day and it's just as beautiful outside as it is in.
  • Definitely treat yourself to brunch at Balthazar, it is expensive but so worth it. 
  • The food at Bob Bob Ricard wasn't that amazing and v.expensive, but it's a good experience and I loved the champagne button.
  • I went to see Clueless (As if!) at the Prince Charles Cinema. Hold up! A quote along screening people. It was brilliant. They also have a sing along screening of the Spice Girls movie coming up that has my name all over it. When two become one....
  • The London Marathon was so inspiring and also so emotional. I saw a very old man running it (amazing) who had suffered from a stroke in the past and was raising money for stroke victims (even more amazing) and I just wanted to be his best friend. Everyone who ran - bravo. 
  • Cocktails with my mum and dad and lots of Mexican food. It was my birthday last week, so some of this was bday related including a mid week visit to Wahaca courtesy of my rents. 
  • Shopping! Enough said. 
  • Finally, I went to see Jersey Boys at the Piccadilly theatre and it was so amazing. By far the best musical I have seen and I just wanted to stay and watch it over and over again. A real must see. 
Hope you are all having good weeks, any plans for Easter?

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Review: & Other Stories Makeup

If you haven't popped into & Other Stories then you really should make a trip. It's a shop for the cool cats, full of high-end inspired fashion cuts and a great vibe. For the beauty buffs, there are testers galore and cute sinks where you can wash off all the lipstick swatches (why isn't this everywhere?).

On my latest trip I picked up two eye shadows and a lipstick to test out the beauty range available. First off, I love the packaging. The lipstick especially feels pretty lux, but it's the font and style are right up my street. I plumped for 'Birrus Rust' a gorgeous coppery red shadow, 'Shetland Brown' a dark bronzy brown shadow and 'Sempiternum Brick' a peachy coral lipstick. All totally beautiful, with 'Birrus Rust' being my fav.

Onto the details. The shadows are £7.00 each and lipsticks £12.00 each, so not exactly cheap. I probably wouldn't recommend the lipsticks over other alternatives at that price and the shadows, whilst being gorgeous don't have the best lasting power. I can't deny my love for 'Birrus Rust' tho, so if you want to cast your own verdict I would recommend this particular shade. 

Have you been to & Other Stories? What were your thoughts?

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Surviving your first weeks in London

Image from weheartit

A rundown of some of the stuff people don't tell you when you move to London and how you can make it through those first few weeks!

After work drinks
Nobody in the history of ever has said 'fancy a drink?' and actually meant one drink, fact. After work drinks happen in London Monday-Friday and you basically will get totally hammered. How do you survive this without bailing on the social events? SNACKS. Get yourself an 'after-work-drinks-snack-stash' to keep you going. 

Sweaty tubes
The UK so has the tube system wrong compared to the spacious, air conditioned glory that is in Spain and alike. There are a few things you need to survive, no matter how many stops. First up, music. Load your iPod or spottily account with as many tunes as poss. Also, you need reading material (always grab the free papers). This combo means no awkward eyeballing with the tube weirdos. 

Oyster card, obvs. You don't want to be messing around with tickets. Also, you need a cute oyster card holder, I got mine from paperchase

On top all of this you need a good deodorant because it gets real sweaty on there. I would massively recommend Sure Maximum Protection which is a bit pricier than others, but works way better. 

Expensive lunch
As well as permanently drinking, everyone likes eating too. This can get pretty costly though, so make like some of the people where I work and have Friday as your lunchtime treat day and try to take your own food in or hit the supermarket on all the other days. 

Dead phones
Always have your phone charger or a portable one with you and make sure you keep it well charged. You don't want to get stuck somewhere on your own after the after work drinks with a dead phone. 

I'm sure there is more, but hopefully some fellow new Londoners can relate!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Currently loving...

I have been so MIA on my blog, sorry guys! It was my last week at work before my new job on Monday and everything was super hectic. Leaving somewhere is pretty stressful right? I thought I'd do a quick blog post about things I am currently loving...

These shoes. I picked these up from clarks yesterday and they are so comfy. I think it's hard to find 'stylish' and comfortable shoes that aren't really expensive or potentially owned by your mum/nan. Apparently these have been featured in Elle and Grazia, so even if your mum does get a pair you are both uber style babes.

I recently started watching Anna Jaffrey on YouTube and wanting to do everything she does because she is so stunning. Her hair and skin are amazing and in her recent videos she has been talking about going greener with her beauty products, which got me thinking...cue Google search. Top product? A jar of coconut oil. What can you use it for? Everything. Taking off make-up, cooking, moisturising, hair mask and even deodorant. If you are thinking of going greener, get this to the top of your list!

I've been making small life changes in terms of greener products because I can't part with all my gorgeous make-up yet. One of my favs at the moment is the Maybelline Colorsensational Glosses, which everyone else hearts too. My favourite will always be Stellar Berry which you can see in a FOTD post here.

Sunshine! It has been so lovely in the UK recently and my sunglasses have nabbed themselves a permanent spot in my bag...winning. Life is just better in the sunshine isn't it?

What are you loving recently? 

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Recently Bought #4

As mentioned I am moving to London next month to start my new job (eek). They wear casual clothes in the office, so obviously I have been picking up some new bits and pieces. Here's what I have so far (I say so far because it is only going to get worse)...

This top from ASOS is so cool. They didn't have a size 10 left and I didn't want to get an 8 in case it was too tight, so this is actually from the maternity section ha. It fits really well though, just hope I haven't pre-empted anything there!

I loveee berry knitwear and to date have been stealing my sisters jumper, which is very similar to this. This one fits snuggly on the arms and then flows down nice and flattering on your body. It's also not to thick that you need to remove all your clothes when you get in the building after racing to work. 

I'm one of those people. This is a Ramones band t-shirt and I don't really listen to the Ramones. Kill me now huh? I didn't know it was until I got it as I just hurled it in the basket as a throw over jeans t-shirt. It's cool though and I'll learn a few songs for when people ask me. 

Bah, this is so creased! Also, I clearly can't hang clothes straight. This was a bargain and looks so good underneath the berry jumper. 

Still not sure about the back flaps on this Warehouse jumper haha but it fits really well and looks pretty cool. It's a thin knit with leather piping, which gives it a bit of somethin-somethin. Obviously not enough for the designers though "This jumper is missing something.... What about some flaps/wings?! Genius"

Oversized t-shirts are the bomb aren't they? They just go with everything! Leggings, jeans, jeggings and all kinds of other cross-bred clothing options. This is a coffee-nude colour, which really drew me in. Already had lots of compliments and I look cooler than I actually am.

My camera hates this print, it's freaking my eyes out. These are from H&M and they are so flattering! I wore them to a few interviews as I was going for marketing/creative jobs and I didn't want to look to suited up, yet still smart. I will deffo be rocking these on a night out with some chunky heels v.soon.

You're eyes are not playing tricks, this is the same jumper as the berry one, but in navy. I got this one first and loved it. I'm really into navy at the moment as an alternative to black, especially as I feel like all I wear is black sometimes. 

Creased, again. This Illustrated People sweatshirt is just too cute. It has a fleece lining too, so it is super cosy and again means I'm not always wearing black!

Hope you liked this clothing haul, I'm sure there is more to come. Let me know if you have posted any hauls or have any lust posts, as I am still looking out for some new clothes!

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